E-Commerce Websites

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Can your customers shop your store from the comfort of their home? If your website does not ave an e-commerce option, we have a solution for you! Let GV Sites design a new website complete with e-commerce built in. We make it easy and affordable for you to start selling online! Best of all your customers can access your e-commerce website on any smart device.

$499 Set Up + $50/Month

$499 set up includes your first month and a FREE 1/8 page color ad in one (1) edition of the Genesee Valley Penny Saver. $50 a month thereafter for maintenance and updates.
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Capture Online Dollars

• Include up to 20 products with varients
• Funds go directly into your PayPal account
• Easy shopping with a sticky shopping cart icon

Business Requirements:
• PayPal account for transactions
• Accessible email for orders placed
• Photos and information of products
• Pickup/delivery solution

Start Your E-Commerce Website!